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1031 Exchange

Company Overview

Our company’s sole purpose is to provide our clients with customized tax planning and accounting solutions designed to preserve assets through the saving of tax dollars. In order to accomplish this goal, we have assembled a team of knowledgeable and experienced tax professionals, real estate consultants, business transaction specialists and attorneys who work together to provide each client with tax saving solutions individually tailored to fit their specific set of financial circumstances. Our professionals provide expert tax planning services that include, but are not limited to, zero cash flow investments, 1031 Exchanges, partnership basis and business succession planning, retirement optimization strategies and tax break utilization. Without exception, all of these activities are carried out with the singular focus of reducing tax liabilities for the clients we serve.

Why do people choose us?

Our team, which consists of licensed accountants, attorneys, real estate professionals and business transaction specialists, has a verifiable history of success. We save tax dollars all day, every day!

Our Credentials

Over 15 years of tax planning and business transaction experience

Our Strategy

Minimizing tax exposure through the use of effective tax planning strategies

Our Specialty

Reducing real-estate capital gains taxes though the use of 1031 Exchanges and zero cash flow investments

Our Mission

To preserve client assets by reducing exposure to taxation

Our Promise

To provide each client with the maximum possible tax advantage

Our Results

A proven track record of achieving significant tax savings for many satisfied clients


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